Summer Group Class: Sight Reading

Do you play guitar? Have you always wanted to learn how to reach music but never got around to learning how? Are you interested in learning how to read music but are not sure where to begin or anxious to undertake it alone?

If any of these questions apply to you then you are an excellent candidate for my summer sight reading course. This course is designed for people who know how to play guitar but have no experience reading written music or want to develop their reading skills. Together we will go through the following concepts:

-Fretboard geography
-Understanding key signatures and time signatures
-Reading rhythmic notation
-Reading notes, both single lines and chords
-How to comfortably read in different positions

Whether you are completely new to sight reading or are looking to improve on your current abilities I can help you develop strategies to read with confidence. You will discover that learning how to sight read opens you up to entirely new sources of music that you can adapt for your guitar playing!

If you are interested in this course or would like to learn more about me and my approach you can visit my website at or email me at [email protected]

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